Black no bump, low profile belt


A flattering belt that fits perfectly flat under your shirts. Get rid of the bulge and gap at the back of your pants with this comfortable stretchy belt. This versatile, invisible belt is 1.5" wide to fit through standard belt loops and adjustable from 23" to 38" around. It's a perfect accessory to help you through your weight loss or pregnancy. Just tighten (or loosen) up the belt and tuck the end in on the inside as you shrink (or grow).

The elastic is a little thinner than Cinched's higher waist belts and made with a slim metal buckle that's the perfect width to fit through your belt loops. It's low-profile design is slightly curved to fit snugly around your body. Simply wrap the free end through your belt loops and then around the free side of the clasp. The tension of being wrapped around the extra loop and folded back onto itself in your belt loops is enough to keep the belt secure all day. 

* 50% nylon, 35% spandex and 15% polyester elastic
* Washable - leave it in your pants and throw it in the washing machine, air dry
* Made in Canada


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