Cinched Belts started while Amanda Healey was designing and producing an upcycled fashion line called Mulierose. She was working a shift in a collectively managed shop named Favourite Gifts in North Vancouver, Canada where her Mulierose designs were sold when the owner stopped by for a visit. The store owner mentioned how her customers liked the unique finds of the shop, but wanted more. “We need more basics, like that belt you’re wearing,” she said. “I made this,” said Amanda. “I can make a few more and bring them in to see how they sell.”

While she was at it, Amanda posted them in her Etsy shop to test them online. They sold better than the upcycled clothes. And they took less time to make, giving her more time to chat with her customers at local markets and online.

Customers left feedback about their purchases online describing the flattering qualities, comfort, and pure joy of finally being able to find a belt that fit a tiny or extra large waist. This is what drove Amanda to grow her business. “Seeing how such a simple idea and simple product can make someone’s day is the best part of the job by far” she says.

The business grows every year, but she still makes belts as they are ordered. This allows her to keep costs low and options a plenty without slow moving sizes stacking up in storage. Amanda manages every aspect of the business herself, managing the website, photographing, sewing and packaging her products, as well as customer service. She works out of her home studio in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.