Amanda Healey, owner, designer, sewer of Cinched belts

Amanda Healey was using a Sears Wishbook Kid sewing machine by the tender age of seven. At ten she graduated to her mother’s Singer and a month later she was tailoring commercial patterns to fit her own figure. During the winter of ’94 she received her first big girl sewing machine and it remains the pillar of her creative process to this day.

Amanda spent her high school days dreaming of couture and catwalks, fibers and foulard, and she had a notebook to prove it. She displayed a gift for combining shape with color and light in an impeccable manner.

Amanda carried her fondness for handmade clothing into her first venture, Mulierose, a design house focusing on upcycled fashion. Her eclectic fashion statements made a splash in handmade circles around the world and would be a precursor of things to come.

Amanda's exclusive designs and entrepreneurial sensibilities have informed her current passion project, Cinched, a company focused on handmade belts that feel as good as they look. Amanda believes a quality accessory can bring a certain polish to an outfit no matter what your style may be.

For one-of-a-kind belts with a twist, check out the Cinched Belts Etsy store for exclusive creations.

Cinched belts are handmade with love in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.